You Can Have Everything You Want In Life

There is a great energy that we are a part of, which we can use to create great things in our lives.  You can access this energy through prayer. 

Prayer is simply focusing your thoughts on this energy and asking it for whatever you want in life.  When you do this the universe focuses all of its energy toward creating this reality for you. 

I have noticed that prayer makes a great difference in my life and how I deal with situations.  I find that through prayer I can create the environment for situations so I can solve problems in a way that benefits me. 

Many times when I ask this energy to help me solve problems, I come up with genius solutions that change what was once a problem into a great benefit. 

This energy source is very powerful; when used correctly, you can create the most magical things in your life.  Great men such as Dale Carnegie, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford do not contribute their successes to fancy schools, hot shot lawyers or even smart investing.  They attribute their successes to prayer.  These men were able to use the energy force of life to create great wealth for themselves simply by praying for it. 

When you pray for success before you start a project, go to a job interview, start a business, or before you confront any situation.  You are asking the energy source to align the forces in the universe to create an outcome of success.  

It always amazes me just how powerful prayer is, I try to use it in my life as much as I can.   I try to pray every morning.  I always pray for guidance through my day.  I ask for it to be a good day and for only good things to happen to me in the day.   Whenever I do this my day always goes well.    

I find that a most powerful way to use the energy source is to ask it to create happiness in the lives of people that I know.  In fact, I even ask it to bless those that I do not know or ever met.  Anyone that I see I ask that they be blessed.  I find that this creates a great feeling of happiness and peace within me.  It’s almost like by wishing good for others, good is created for me.    

I believe strongly in the power of prayer.  When used properly prayer can bring light to the darkest part of your life and create blessings in your world that you’ve never imagined. 


How To Be Happy In Life

For so long I have battled with myself about what it is that makes me really happy.  It seems that happiness is the main objective of our existence.

When you experience happiness it’s like you are achieving your purpose for being here.

When you are happy, a bright and humble energy is emitted from your being, and you only absorb energies of peace, love, and understanding.  Your thoughts are clear and you feel balance in all facets of your life.   You envision your future with great optimism, free from fear and worry.  Life is viewed as, glorious, successful, free and great.

 If you can maintain this state of existence, then it seems like you are achieving your life objective.

Most of us need an external stimulus to achieve this state of mind.  Few of us realize that this is something that we can achieve simply by changing the way we look at things.

According to a TED talk by Chade-Meng Tan, Compassion is the happiness state of our existence.

The Dalai Lama said “if you want to make others happy practice compassion”.   “If you want to be happy, practice compassion”.

“Oh My Gosh!! What Have I Done?”

What’s worst than confronting a friend for stealing something from you and immediately finding out that you were wrong.  (To find out how this predicament began, click here.)

 After Roxanne told me that she was the one that had taken the giraffe, a barrage of thoughts flooded my mind. 

I went through the list of all the stupidest thing I had done in my life and revised it to put this incident at the top. 

I held the phone to my ear in silence thinking to myself “how could Roxanne have taken the giraffe and not told me? How could she be so irresponsible”?

If she had told me, I would never have blamed Valerie for taking it.   

Before I could say anything another thought entered my mind clarifying the fact that this was entirely my fault.  I had jumped to a conclusion that wasn’t true and reacted to it simply based on an assumption. 

This is why they say that you should never assume things, because it makes an ASS of U and ME.  I now understand completely what this statement means.  

I had to figure out how to fix it with Valerie. I called my friend Mike and told him what happened. He immediately confirmed the fact that I was an idiot.   

I thanked him for his honesty and asked him if he would talk to her for me.  He agreed, but had little success.  The more I thought about what I had done the more it depressed me.  I wanted so bad to make it right between us, but I had no way of doing so. 

One day it occurred to me exactly what to do.  She was a woman, and I know what women like. I got in my car and drove to Stop & Shop.  I bought her the biggest bouquet of roses that I could find.  I wrote a note telling her how I valued her friendship and wished she would reconsider.  I took it to her house and left it on her doorstep. 

About five days had passed before the magic happened.  She called me!  She expressed her disappointment in me and asked if that’s what I thought about her as a person.

“No!” I replied.  “I think you are a wonderful person and I don’t think you are a thief and I miss having you as my friend”. 

“I miss having you as a friend too, Ainsworth”, she said.  “But most of all I miss having you buy me dinner”. 

 I took that as a gesture of renewed friendship and offered to buy her dinner to seal the deal.  After we had dinner I felt that our friendship was on its way to being healed. 

I admire her very much for still being my friend.  I know that it is a very difficult thing to forgive people, especially when they hurt you on the emotional level. 

Luckily for me Valerie is a great person with lots of love in her heart.  She forgave me and we are friends again.  It takes a very strong, courageous and self assured person to do that.   

Leave a comment and tell me what you would have done.  Would you have forgiven me?

The Tale of the Stolen Wooden Giraffe

It was Saturday morning and I was still in my bed thinking about the long ride ahead of me.  I had promised Janet and Roxanne that I would drive them to look at a college that Roxanne had wanted to attend.  The college was three hours away and I didn’t get to sleep much because we were out late the night before.    But regardless I was excited to go because I was helping a friend and this is my way of building my empire

I got out of bed, took a shower, got dressed and went downstairs.  I turned on the kettle and walked around waiting for the water to boil. 

Funny! I noticed that the wooden giraffe on the table in the living room was missing.

“Where could my giraffe be?” I wondered.   “Did someone take it?  Hmmmmm.”  The only new people that have been here recently are those girls that came to hang out on Thursday night. 

“I wonder if they took it, they seemed so trust worthy”, I thought.   “No, no, no you’re wrong they couldn’t have taken it.  When were they in the house and out of your sight to take it?”

There was that time when Valerie went to the bathroom while we were all outside on the back porch.  She was in here by herself.  She MUST have taken it then, I concluded.

“WOW! I can’t believe she took my giraffe, could she have wanted it that bad or is she just a kleptomaniac that would take whatever she got her hands on.”

I didn’t think beyond that moment, I picked up the phone and called Valerie.  I’m gonna let her know that I know she stole my statue and I want it back.

“Hello”, Valerie answered.

“Hey it’s me Ainsworth”, I said.

“Oh gosh, good morning why are you calling me so early”, she said in tired sleepy voice.

“You didn’t happen to take anything with you when you left on Thursday”, I implied.

“No, like what”, she questioned

“Like a wooden giraffe maybe…”

“I didn’t take any wooden giraffe from your house, are you crazy?”

“Yes you did”, I accused.

“I can’t believe that this is how you think of me, Ainsworth.  You think I’m a thief.  I hate you. You’re an asshole!” she screamed.

“Whatever, I want my giraffe back”, I responded.

“F@*k you” she said and slammed the phone down.

I was so mad.  I can’t believe she was trying to deny that she stole my giraffe.  At least fess up and give it back. 

I looked at the clock. I had to go get Janet and Roxanne.  I called Roxanne to make sure that she was ready when I got there. 

“We’ll be downstairs waiting.  Oh, by the way… just so you know, I took my wooden giraffe to put in my new apartment”…

“Oh My Gosh!! What Have I Done?”


Have you ever accused a friend of doing something they didn’t do?  What happened?  How did it turn out for you?   Leave a comment and let me know.

Are You A Genius

A friend of mine from Indonesia sent me a facebook message one day asking if she could stay in my home for a month until she established herself in America.   Being the wonderful host that I am, I gladly told her yes.  I have several spare bedrooms in my home and assured her she could stay in one of them.  My friend Limantina is a scholar, writer, lecturer and all around Intellectual.    When she came, like most intellectuals she had a few books with her. One of the books was about a gentleman that I never heard of named Walter Russell.

 Walter Russell was  famous for his achievements in painting, sculpture, architecture,  physics, cosmogony,  philosophy, music, ice skating, and he was a professor at the institution he founded, the University of Science and Philosophy. He believed mediocrity is self-inflicted and genius is self-bestowed.  This guy did all of these things and never got beyond the 6th grade.  Walter Russell was a genius. I was so impressed with Walter Russell that I began thinking, “What makes someone a genius?”  Below are some of the things that I believe makes a genius a genius.

– Genius is taking that which does not exist and making it exist.  It is the ability to create something from nothing.  It is the ability to execute with your GOD mind or what I like to call the Infinite Intelligence… 

– A genius thinks with his subconscious mind.  Your conscious mind can compute about 42 thousand bits of information per second.  Your subconscious mind can compute infinite bits of information per second, because it is connected to the Infinite Intelligence.  Your conscious mind is limited whereas your subconscious is unlimited, one is finite the other infinite.   So why depend on your conscious mind?    It seems to me that you would gain the most success with your subconscious mind seeing as how it is faster and more efficient. 

 -A genius uses the energy source in the universe which I like to call, “the Infinite Intelligence” to govern his life.  It is where he turns to access information, which is always available to him.  This is why geniuses seem to know so much, because this energy source which they are listening to is always feeding them information. 



So is there anyone else out there a GENIUS  besides me and Walter Russell.  Let me know.  What are some of the attributes that you posess that qualify you for genius status?

How To Play The Game Of Life

Fall in love with love, embrace it and develop an emotional attachment to it. For it is love that is the light of your life, and if you follow it, it will guide you to prosperous and happy places.

Do not worry about situations in life. Worrying is a negative energy and will only manifest negative things. Instead free your mind, let go and let GOD. Know and feel within yourself that only good things will happen to you; for positive energy only manifest positive things.

BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND: Have faith and know that all things are possible. Great men and women do not allow a lack of resources to determine their destinies. They first figure out what they want to do then they find a way to achieve their objective.

GOD is the great GPS of your life; program your destination in, follow his turn by turn instructions and he will get you to exactly where you want to be. Let go, Let GOD..

Every seed has the ability to grow as tall as the tree that it falls from.  Be a role model to your children and other children. Explore the greatness within yourself and show others that they too can become great.

Forgiveness is the ultimate expression of self confidence: It is the awareness of GOD in one’s self.  It is freedom from persecution of the idea that evil can destroy evil. It is the acceptance of the idea that LOVE is the most powerful force in the universe, and it conquers all.

Life is a series of events that unfold over a period of many years.  Yet to those at the end of their lives it seems as if it was but a moment in time. You are a spiritual creature on a physical journey through this life. While you are here check out the greatness that GOD can create through you!!!!

What man gives is what he receives: Be happy for others in their successes. Do not have jalousies and hatred for them, instead share in their happiness and wish them more happiness and prosperity. This will open the way for your own successes to manifest in your life.

If you view yourself as a physical creature you subject yourself to the attributes of the ego; false values, materialism, judgment, jealousy, hatred, and hypocrisy. If you see yourself s a spiritual being you are able to experience your GOD self. One who, can transcend the laws of space and time, and manifest y…our greatest desires simply through prayer, visualization, faith, and physical action.

Define Your Vision Of The Future

Your imagination is the fuel that powers the ship which rides the wave of life.  Use it carefully, for it can bring you to the most beautiful and wonderful places. 

Jesus said, “Lest ye become like little children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven”.  This statement is a clear reference to humility, but humility is only one of the qualities that a child possesses.  Children also have very vivid imaginations, and are always using it to visualize the future. 

Do not be afraid to use your imagination.  As children we all had visions of what the future would be like.  As time passes by we stop believing in the desires of our heart and we begin to believe only in the things that we see.  This is because we stop believing in our own ability to visualize the future as we want it to happen, and we therefore stop using our imagination to create it. 

Just as the painter creates with his paint and brush, so too can you create with your imagination.  Your imagination is your ability to visualize how you want your life to be in the future.   When you don’t use it, your future happened without your input.   Many of us give up on our visions and they never manifest, we begin to reason that our imagination is useless and therefore stop using it.  Without your imagination your subconscious mind does not know where to direct your life.   

It is very important to define your vision of the future.   The more we define our visions   the more apt they are to manifest.  If you need help, use a vision board to help you define your visions.  Pictures and affirmations will help you to keep your goals and aspirations at the forefront of your thought process.    


Your dreams are the seeds to your reality, plant them carefully; for seeds seldom grow on concrete, but when planted in fertile soil they will grow into great trees which will bare delicious fruit for you and your loved ones to enjoy.