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Happiness is the Way


smiliesFor many years I battled with myself about what makes me really happy and exactly what happiness is.  To me it seemed that happiness is the main objective of our existence here on earth.

When I experience happiness it’s like I am achieving my purpose for being here.  A bright and humble energy is emitted from my being, and I gravitate toward situations of peace, love, and deeper understanding. My thoughts are clear and I feel balance in all facets of my life.   I envision my future with great optimism – free from fear and worry – and I view my life as, glorious, successful, and free. As long as I maintain this state of existence, it seemed as if I was achieving my life objective.

For many years I thought that I needed an external stimulus such as a great job, a fancy car or lots of friends to achieve this state of mind. Now I realize that happiness exists within me and I can feel happy all the time by changing the way I think about life.

It became clear to me that whatever I emitted from the inside would manifests itself on the outside. It was not the external stimulus that made me happy. It was my happiness that attracted the external stimulus.  Therefore if I maintain a happy state of mind by feeling good about myself, wishing good for others and showing compassion to others.  Happiness and the things I wanted would manifest all around me in different forms, such as a nice car, a beautiful mate, a big house, a good job, a beautiful family, a fancy vacation, and anything else I desired.

Happiness is a state of existence that can be maintained by simply removing negative thoughts, words and actions from your life and replacing them with positive ones. Practice this and you will live a happy prosperous loving and fulfilling life.  In the words of the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hahn, “There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.”


Create an Environment for Success

My father had the biggest garden in our neighborhood.  He was known for growing the best squash, eggplant and tomatoes in our little section of the beautiful suburb of Windsor Ct.  This is because at the beginning of every season he went to the local farm and bought a truckload of cow manure. 

The neighbors would complain in the spring and praise him in the fall.  Really they should have praised me, because guess whose job it was to spread the crap?  (Anyway that’s a different story).  Every year the garden grew lush vegetables, because of the nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and sulfur found in the manure which created the perfect environment for the plants to grow to their best potential. 

I believe people are the same way. If we create the perfect environment to exist in we will perform at the highest level that we can and create our best fruit.  The overall environment we exist in is made up of three parts.  There is the outside physical environment, our physical body environment, and the spiritual environment.   

The first aspect to our environment is the physical environment that we live in.  In order for us to thrive, this environment must be one where we have love, happiness and peace.  We must get rid of negativity and negative people.  Surround yourself with people that believe in you and are willing to support you. 

The physical body environment is the condition of our physical body, ranging from our health to how good we feel when you look at our self in the mirror.  Your body should be beautiful to you and free of disease.  You must be fit enough to function day to day.  Stay in shape, do some kind of physical exercise daily. Your body was made to stay active.  Also, be mindful of the foods that you eat.  The foods that you eat can either make you healthy or make you sick.  Try to eat healthy foods that keep your body feeling good and looking good.

Our spiritual environment is important because, we are not physical beings having a spiritual experience.  Instead, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.  We must have a relationship to a spiritual source and pray to that source in order to live a balanced life.  There are many different spiritual relationships that human beings have ranging from GOD, to Allah, to Buddha, and many, others.

In order to create an environment of success for yourself, pay attention to the three main parts of your life.  Just as I spread the cow crap every year to grow lush vegetables, you too must take the time to create the proper atmosphere to perform at your greatest potential and produce the best, biggest, most luscious fruit that you can.

Think Your Way to a Happy Life

Many times it takes greater effort for us to have good thoughts than it does to have negative ones. It seems easier to preoccupy ourselves with the day to day distractions of our lives and not focus on wether our thoughts are good ones or bad ones.

When we take time to look at our thoughts in their simplest form, we can decide which thoughts we should have and which ones we shouldn’t.

We can control our external environment by changing our internal thought process. Any level of external discomfort in our environment is created by internal mental belief in fear and not in faith.

When we belief in fear and not in faith we create an environment that is not in favor of our happiness. It creates an environment that allows bad situations to manifest in our lives. When our beliefs are based on faith, we create an environment which favors our happiness and allows good things to happen in our lives.

Invert your fear and make faith the desire of your will. Once you release fear from your heart faith becomes the nature of your will.

We must dissolve from the deepest level of our consciousness any thoughts of fear, jealousy, hatred and doubt. Then fill our mind with constant thoughts of happiness, love, peace, harmony, great desire and great beliefs.

It is important that we pay attention to the garden within our mind, we must make sure that we; weed it, fertilize it, water it, and find good seed to plant in it.

Whatever seeds you plant there will blossom into the flowers of your life!!

There Is Great Power Within You

Social injustice and human atrocities have always been a part of human history.  There has never been a time in the history of the world when one group of people has not dominated over, suppressed, or persecuted another.  Men have dominated other men in the name of GOD, racial superiority, love, money and power.  Through these periods of great human injustices there has always been and always will be an effective weapon that can release the powerful grips of fear that holds one crippled and powerless.  This amazing weapon can transform the hearts of men from a state of fear to a state of euphoric triumph and power. And it can eradicate any form of human domination of any one group or individual over

This great weapon, of which I speak, is the power of the spoken word.  It is one of the greatest tools that GOD has given to man.

Your spoken word can influence others to take action on particular tasks, mission and project.  It can bring happiness and joy to the hearts of people.   It can influence governments to change policies.  And, in its most powerful form,
it can influence groups in suppressed situation to organize their thoughts and
actions toward a common mission to rise up and free themselves from bondage and persecution.

So when faced with the choice to speak out or remain silent; remember this, the words you utter, may be those that influence the hearts of men to further a great cause that brings us closer to our ultimate goal where no man is being persecuted, suppressed, or dominated.  Do not be afraid to speak out; go  ahead… speak power… speak truth… speak love and change the world.

What Goes Around Comes Around

Karma is no different than the blood that flows through your body. The blood in your body leaves from one place, circulates the body and comes back to the same place. As the blood flows through your arteries and veins each cell absorbs what is in the blood.  The blood may be filled with rich oxygen, vitamins, and nutrients which build up the cell or it may be filled with toxins such as alcohol, cholesterol, and other pollutants that break down the cell. The cell does not decide what it should absorb it simply performs a function and absorbs what is available for it. It is up to the person who is feeding the body to decide what she wants to put in her body for the cells to absorb.

Similarly karma leaves you based on your thoughts and actions. It circulates the universe and comes right back to you.   When it gets back to you, you are forced to absorb whatever energy it has for you at the time that it reaches you.  Just like the nutrients available in the blood it is up to the individual to determine what energy is available for them to absorb.

Your thoughts and actions determine what karmic energy exists in your life.  If you think positively and do good things to people, when the karmic energy returns to you it will deliver good things and happy events in to your life.  If you think negatively and do bad things to people, then the karmic energy will
deliver negative things and unhappy situations into your life.   In order to live a good, happy, and fulfilling life, follow these simple instructions.

  1. Look for opportunities to do good things for the people in your life.
  2. Cleanse your mind of critical judgmental thoughts.
  3. Think positive of others and wish that only good thing will happen for them.
  4. Love others and think of them before yourself.

If you choose to follow these instructions, when the great energy called karma decides to visit your doorstep it will bring wonderful gifts such as; a thoughtful husband, a beautiful family, wonderful friends, a happy work environment, a strong healthy body, a comfortable home, extravagant vacations, and successful children.  For it is true that what you give to others is what the spirit will return to you in much greater quantities.

Life Certificate

When you are born you are issued a birth certificate by the hospital.  When you die you are issued a death certificate by the Department of Health.  While you are alive you are issued a life certificate.  Yes that’s right; while you are alive a life certificate of how you lived your life is issued.  What is unique about the life certificate is that it is issued by the Department of Y.O.U., and you are the head of the department.  Yes that’s right!  You are the head of the department of Y.O.U. and you get to decide what goes on your life certificate.  It is entirely up to you, you can put whatever you want on that certificate. 

What will you put on your life certificate?

All life certificates are due at the end of the day of your last day of life….

Giving is Receiving

                                                                           Many of us take for granted the value of being kind to each other.  At one time being kind to each other was a way of insuring your safety.  We knew that we had to extend a hand of kindness to strangers because we wanted them to do the same in return.  

In today’s society we do not fear the repercussions of a lack of offering kindness to others. 

I find that there is great power in giving kindness.  Giving Is Receiving, is the basic premise of the law of Karma!  This is one of the natural laws that govern the universe. 

The law of Karma states that when you give to someone, and you don’t expect anything in return, you open the door for the infinite intelligence to give to you.  Whenever you do this you are applying one of the natural laws that govern the universe. 

The universe continuously replicates itself at a one to ten ratio.  Whatever energy is put forth will replicate itself by ten times.   So, when you give to people you will be repaid ten times more.    Whenever I wish happiness and peace onto others, more happiness and peace is what I experience.  The same is true with kindness.  Whenever I am kind to others I receive more kindness in return.  

Whenever you lend the hand of hospitality you create a positive connection with people. They are welcomed into your life through a door that leads to a place that is filled with positivity, love, light, happiness, satisfaction and peace.   This feeling then replicates itself and continues to nourish your soul.