Monthly Archives: October 2014

Happiness is the Way


smiliesFor many years I battled with myself about what makes me really happy and exactly what happiness is.  To me it seemed that happiness is the main objective of our existence here on earth.

When I experience happiness it’s like I am achieving my purpose for being here.  A bright and humble energy is emitted from my being, and I gravitate toward situations of peace, love, and deeper understanding. My thoughts are clear and I feel balance in all facets of my life.   I envision my future with great optimism – free from fear and worry – and I view my life as, glorious, successful, and free. As long as I maintain this state of existence, it seemed as if I was achieving my life objective.

For many years I thought that I needed an external stimulus such as a great job, a fancy car or lots of friends to achieve this state of mind. Now I realize that happiness exists within me and I can feel happy all the time by changing the way I think about life.

It became clear to me that whatever I emitted from the inside would manifests itself on the outside. It was not the external stimulus that made me happy. It was my happiness that attracted the external stimulus.  Therefore if I maintain a happy state of mind by feeling good about myself, wishing good for others and showing compassion to others.  Happiness and the things I wanted would manifest all around me in different forms, such as a nice car, a beautiful mate, a big house, a good job, a beautiful family, a fancy vacation, and anything else I desired.

Happiness is a state of existence that can be maintained by simply removing negative thoughts, words and actions from your life and replacing them with positive ones. Practice this and you will live a happy prosperous loving and fulfilling life.  In the words of the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hahn, “There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.”