Think Your Way to a Happy Life

Many times it takes greater effort for us to have good thoughts than it does to have negative ones. It seems easier to preoccupy ourselves with the day to day distractions of our lives and not focus on wether our thoughts are good ones or bad ones.

When we take time to look at our thoughts in their simplest form, we can decide which thoughts we should have and which ones we shouldn’t.

We can control our external environment by changing our internal thought process. Any level of external discomfort in our environment is created by internal mental belief in fear and not in faith.

When we belief in fear and not in faith we create an environment that is not in favor of our happiness. It creates an environment that allows bad situations to manifest in our lives. When our beliefs are based on faith, we create an environment which favors our happiness and allows good things to happen in our lives.

Invert your fear and make faith the desire of your will. Once you release fear from your heart faith becomes the nature of your will.

We must dissolve from the deepest level of our consciousness any thoughts of fear, jealousy, hatred and doubt. Then fill our mind with constant thoughts of happiness, love, peace, harmony, great desire and great beliefs.

It is important that we pay attention to the garden within our mind, we must make sure that we; weed it, fertilize it, water it, and find good seed to plant in it.

Whatever seeds you plant there will blossom into the flowers of your life!!


4 responses to “Think Your Way to a Happy Life

  1. Ainsworth This is awesome I’m so proud of you!!

  2. I like your “Are you Happy?” infographic. I’ve printed it out and put it on the wall beside my computer. This is something I’m trying to put into place in my life and I think this will be a nice reminder.

    I feel I also should mention that I think you may want to re-examine the whole faith is the inverse of fear and will make you happy parts. It seems kind of tacked on and doesn’t really main much of anything.

    Still, I think your on the right track with making conscious changes in order to be happier.

    • Thank you for your comments they are much appreciated, it feels good to know that I am influencing someone’s life with my message. The reason I say fear is the inversion of faith is because, I believe that you either believe in GOD or not. Faith is the belief that GOD exist and if you believe in HIM then good things will happen in your life. Fear is the lack of belief in GOD, or the belief in evil and if you believe in evil then bad things will happen in your life. So when I say invert your fear and have faith in GOD, it is to say stop believing in evil and believe in GOD.

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