There Is Great Power Within You

Social injustice and human atrocities have always been a part of human history.  There has never been a time in the history of the world when one group of people has not dominated over, suppressed, or persecuted another.  Men have dominated other men in the name of GOD, racial superiority, love, money and power.  Through these periods of great human injustices there has always been and always will be an effective weapon that can release the powerful grips of fear that holds one crippled and powerless.  This amazing weapon can transform the hearts of men from a state of fear to a state of euphoric triumph and power. And it can eradicate any form of human domination of any one group or individual over

This great weapon, of which I speak, is the power of the spoken word.  It is one of the greatest tools that GOD has given to man.

Your spoken word can influence others to take action on particular tasks, mission and project.  It can bring happiness and joy to the hearts of people.   It can influence governments to change policies.  And, in its most powerful form,
it can influence groups in suppressed situation to organize their thoughts and
actions toward a common mission to rise up and free themselves from bondage and persecution.

So when faced with the choice to speak out or remain silent; remember this, the words you utter, may be those that influence the hearts of men to further a great cause that brings us closer to our ultimate goal where no man is being persecuted, suppressed, or dominated.  Do not be afraid to speak out; go  ahead… speak power… speak truth… speak love and change the world.


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