What Goes Around Comes Around

Karma is no different than the blood that flows through your body. The blood in your body leaves from one place, circulates the body and comes back to the same place. As the blood flows through your arteries and veins each cell absorbs what is in the blood.  The blood may be filled with rich oxygen, vitamins, and nutrients which build up the cell or it may be filled with toxins such as alcohol, cholesterol, and other pollutants that break down the cell. The cell does not decide what it should absorb it simply performs a function and absorbs what is available for it. It is up to the person who is feeding the body to decide what she wants to put in her body for the cells to absorb.

Similarly karma leaves you based on your thoughts and actions. It circulates the universe and comes right back to you.   When it gets back to you, you are forced to absorb whatever energy it has for you at the time that it reaches you.  Just like the nutrients available in the blood it is up to the individual to determine what energy is available for them to absorb.

Your thoughts and actions determine what karmic energy exists in your life.  If you think positively and do good things to people, when the karmic energy returns to you it will deliver good things and happy events in to your life.  If you think negatively and do bad things to people, then the karmic energy will
deliver negative things and unhappy situations into your life.   In order to live a good, happy, and fulfilling life, follow these simple instructions.

  1. Look for opportunities to do good things for the people in your life.
  2. Cleanse your mind of critical judgmental thoughts.
  3. Think positive of others and wish that only good thing will happen for them.
  4. Love others and think of them before yourself.

If you choose to follow these instructions, when the great energy called karma decides to visit your doorstep it will bring wonderful gifts such as; a thoughtful husband, a beautiful family, wonderful friends, a happy work environment, a strong healthy body, a comfortable home, extravagant vacations, and successful children.  For it is true that what you give to others is what the spirit will return to you in much greater quantities.


2 responses to “What Goes Around Comes Around

  1. Very interesting entry.

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