Life Certificate

When you are born you are issued a birth certificate by the hospital.  When you die you are issued a death certificate by the Department of Health.  While you are alive you are issued a life certificate.  Yes that’s right; while you are alive a life certificate of how you lived your life is issued.  What is unique about the life certificate is that it is issued by the Department of Y.O.U., and you are the head of the department.  Yes that’s right!  You are the head of the department of Y.O.U. and you get to decide what goes on your life certificate.  It is entirely up to you, you can put whatever you want on that certificate. 

What will you put on your life certificate?

All life certificates are due at the end of the day of your last day of life….


One response to “Life Certificate

  1. I am the head department of Myself. 🙂 Sure. Nice posting Ainsworth! Thanks.

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