Giving is Receiving

                                                                           Many of us take for granted the value of being kind to each other.  At one time being kind to each other was a way of insuring your safety.  We knew that we had to extend a hand of kindness to strangers because we wanted them to do the same in return.  

In today’s society we do not fear the repercussions of a lack of offering kindness to others. 

I find that there is great power in giving kindness.  Giving Is Receiving, is the basic premise of the law of Karma!  This is one of the natural laws that govern the universe. 

The law of Karma states that when you give to someone, and you don’t expect anything in return, you open the door for the infinite intelligence to give to you.  Whenever you do this you are applying one of the natural laws that govern the universe. 

The universe continuously replicates itself at a one to ten ratio.  Whatever energy is put forth will replicate itself by ten times.   So, when you give to people you will be repaid ten times more.    Whenever I wish happiness and peace onto others, more happiness and peace is what I experience.  The same is true with kindness.  Whenever I am kind to others I receive more kindness in return.  

Whenever you lend the hand of hospitality you create a positive connection with people. They are welcomed into your life through a door that leads to a place that is filled with positivity, love, light, happiness, satisfaction and peace.   This feeling then replicates itself and continues to nourish your soul.




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